EhostIDC dedicated line in Korea – the best solution for customers with high requirements


Did you know that EhostIDC can offer you dedicated line 1Gbps~10 Gbps in South Korea? It means your server will be connected to the line which is dedicated to your server! You can have a dedicated server on a dedicated line, with no other customers, just you!

Ok, but who need it???

Such dedicated line is perfect for:

1) All of these customers who require a fast unfailing connection with their server. If you have to upgrade your server for more and more bandwidth you should think about having your own line! If you are requiring really high bandwidth the cost will be similar to a dedicated line but when u are using the dedicated line you have all line for yourself.

2) All of these customers that like stable connection with no other customers on the line. You don’t have to worry about any DDoS attack from other customers that would stop the connection of your line!

3) All of these customers who order many servers! – on your own dedicated line, you can have many servers, you don’t have to worry that one of your servers is using a lot of bandwidth, you won’t pay any overages etc. On a dedicated line, it’s only important that your servers all together are not using more than 1 Gbps and everything is okay.

With that solution, everything is way easier to control!

Doesn’t it sound great?

If you have any question, please let us know! We will explain to you everything and prepare quotation perfectly suited for your needs.

Looking to your expansion in South Korea dedicated line at Ehost IDC.







World Cup Russia 2018 starts with EhostIDC promotion on dedicated server hosting in Russia

Hello everyone!

Fifa World Cup in Russia starts today!!!!! Are you excited?? We are, and on this occasion, we have prepared a real treat for you. With promo code russia2018 you will get 5% discount on each of our Russian dedicated servers!!!

Let us talk more about EhostIDC in Russia

EhostIDC started make business in Russia three years ago in 2015, with internet digital television project for one of our biggest South Korea customer (who is also one of the most famous companies in the whole world). We have successfully continued this project until now, but we have also expanded to the dedicated server hosting and managing services.

Our data center is located in Moscow. Its name is DataPro. It has been awarded many times as the best and the biggest data center that you can find in Russia. We chose this data center, as we stand for the quality of our hosting solution.


This is Moscow DataPro Data Center:



By choosing a dedicated server in Russia with EhostIDC you can be sure you will have the world class quality dedicated server.

Dedicated servers located in Russia are the perfect solution for all those who care about low PING to Eastern and Central Europe, as well as Central and Western Asia.

By choosing Russian dedicated servers you will also get one of the cheapest data transfer in the world. It may be an ideal solution for you if you are expecting high traffic from your audience located in Europe or Western Asia. There is nothing better than our Russian dedicated servers!

EhostIDC dedicated servers are affordable for the most demanding customers, and now you can get them all with 5% discount! Isn’t that great??

Check out our Russian servers here:—russia/&step=0

We are looking forward to help you in Russia

If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us:




Remember you can use the discount code until the end of World Cup in Russia.

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Colocation – best option for those who are growing their business [EhostIDC]

Having a server room is a necessity for almost every company, but not every company have the manpower, time or even will to manage it.
Sometimes small businesses store their servers in server closet and don’t worry about it too much, but when their businesses start to grow they have to think about building their own professional data center (which means really big cost and needs) or find

Colocation means placing your server in the outside (from your company) located data center – with all this data center facilities, like technical support engineers, security systems and internet connection.

You don’t have to worry about making space for your growing server room, you don’t have to worry about hiring qualified engineers and you don’t have to worry about you network. All you have to do is just send your servers to your colocation provider and pay monthly fee (which always will be less than the money you have to spend for your own data center).

EhostIDC is providing high level colocation services, starting from one unit for 90$; to full rack for 670$ (monthly). We are aware that every customer interested in colocation has his own specific needs, so if you send us email on or contact us via skype, we will prepare for you specific quotation with considering of all your needs and specification.


If you considering colocation, please read 3 most frequently asked questions about colocation, we get from our customers:

– What if I don’t have my own servers? Should I buy it first and then send to you?

Of course not! We know that many customers interested in colocation are enterpreteours who are not very interested in servers. It’s better to ask our specialist who will advise you which server would be the best, and we can sell it for you directly, be it the brand new “fresh” or “experienced” server.
If you choose EhostIDC collocation services, you will have a full support from the beginning.

Not having your own server is not problem for us – we will suggest you the best server option and sell it for you. This option has one more big advantage – you will not have to pay shipping and custom fee which may be really big if you are sending equipment from far localization.

– Is EhostIDC providing colocation only in South Korea?

No, but South Korea is EhostIDC’s motherland, we have here our own data center, which means that we can take full control, care and responsibility of your colocation service. Many providers are offering colocation all over the world, usually they don’t have their own 20~ data centers, there are just reselling someone else colocation services.

However, a colocation is something more complex than dedicated server hosting, to do it well we want to give a full attention to our customer, so that’s why we are doing it mainly here in South Korea. By choosing the colocation in South Korea with Ehost IDC, you may be sure that you will always have control on your servers.

We have to mention that by choosing EhostIDC colocation in South Korea, you are locating your servers in one of world’s best data center – you can read more about our data center here:

– Is EhostIDC colocation, good for English speaking customer?

Of course, in EhostIDC we pay a lot of attention for our overseas customers. We hire only engineers who have a fair command of spoken English, to provide best quality of our service. Of course, our sales team is able to speak English as well, so you are going to be fully understood always when it is necessary to solve any issues.


We hope you know that EhostIDC colocation is something you should definitely consider. Feel free to contact us anytime! We will be happy to work for you!